Save the Cabin

Save the Burton Chamber Log Cabin and it’s Maple Legacy

In 1931, during the throes of the Great Depression a group of dedicated members of the Burton Chamber of Commerce had an idea to combat the difficult economic times.  The idea was to construct a log cabin in the park in Burton for the purposes of making and selling maple syrup.  They sought and were granted permission to do so from the village council by a written Resolution adopted on January 5, 1931.  At the expense of the Chamber and with assistance of numerous volunteers, the first cabin was constructed.

Since that time the Cabin has been upgraded, enlarged and maintained at the sole cost of the Chamber. Every year the Chamber holds various social activities at the Log Cabin for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Burton Community, all at the cost of the Chamber and its many volunteers.

Some 83 years later, the mission of the Burton Chamber volunteers has continued and grown to include providing needed assistance to many groups in Burton village, township, and surrounding communities.  The Chamber has provided assistance to athletic groups, youth scouting organizations, students in the form of scholarships, hospitals, local businesses, and many other organizations during those years.

In 2012, the village officials claimed that the log cabin was in fact owned by Burton village, although it has contributed nothing to the construction, enlargement, and maintenance of the Log Cabin.  And because the village believes they own it, the Chamber was presented with a lease to sign that included a provision for rent to be paid to the village.

The Chamber board members were, and still are, strongly opposed to this proposed arrangement and have been forced to engage in litigation with Burton village.  We are some two years into this dispute and attempts at compromise and mediation have proven unsuccessful to date.

The bottom line is that the Chamber needs funding to continue this dispute with the village in hopes of continuing the mission of the Chamber.  Monetary donations as well as valued input on what might be done to resolve this dispute will be graciously accepted.  Thank you.

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