February Newsletter 2015

The Sugaring Times
Newsletter of your Burton Chamber of Commerce February 6, 2015
P.0 Box 537 Burton, Ohio 44021 (440) 834-4204
2015 Chamber Officials
President Sue Wayman 440-834-0076
V. President Tom Blair 440-897-0898
Secretary Donna Newsome 440-834-4949
Treasurer Mary Anne Lamppert 440-834-4471
Directors Dave Kleve 440-834-4446
Ken Butler 440-834-3133
Marie Lovas 440-834-1386
Linda Natco 440-834-7663
Nancy Bonnema 440-834-9760
Our last meeting was held at Welshfield Inn. You can
never go wrong with their many favorites like
Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Marsala or Beef and
Mushroom Stroganoff. Yum!
Our guest speaker was Barb Knapp representing the
Master Gardeners and their biannual event “Gardens
These next two dinner meetings will be on the second
Thursday of the month for February and March. You
can expect another great meal from Mangia, Mangia
(see menu below) and some interesting information
from two local business owners; Rachel Strong
(Geauga News) and Gabe Arnold (tekk3) at this
month’s meeting.
Our next big maple event will be the Tree Tapping
Ceremony held on Saturday, February 14th
from 10am – 4pm.
Be sure to join us to officially start the Maple Syrup
Season! We will provide a bucket, lid and a spile to
tap a maple tree in the Burton Village Green and you
will have the opportunity to put your name on that
tree for the 2015 maple season. There will be free
refreshments and demonstrations while you sit in
front of a roaring fire to warm up after your tree
tapping adventure at the Burton Chamber Log Cabin
and Sugar Camp. Family fun! Outside event, dress
appropriately. Spend Valentine’s Day loving the
maple tree as much as we do!
Burton Chamber of Commerce Log Cabin and Sugar
Camp – more than Maple since 1931!
Last chance to be part of the Discover Burton
Brochure! We will be wrapping things up at the end
of next week on Friday the 13th. If you still want to
be part of this special publication please call Marie
Lovas (440-834-4891), Linda Natco (440-834-7663)
or Dave Kleve (440-834-4432) as soon as possible to
reserve your spot.
Save the dates for Burton Chamber
meetings in 2015.
March 12th – tbd
April 2nd – tbd
May 7th- Volunteer Dinner – Century Village
June 4th – Steak Roast – Red Maple Inn
July – no meeting
August – no meeting
September 10th – tbd
October 1st – tbd
November 5th – tbd
December 3rd – Christmas – tbd
February 12th, 2015
Mangia, Mangia
See attached menu
(Special dietary needs can be accommodated)
February 11, 2015
Rachel Strong and Gabe Arnold
Geauga News – positive local online news and
Social Media
Social is 6:30 Dinner at 7:00
Amy Wehn Blair 834-4204 (leave message)
Printing courtesy of Newbury Printing and More
Editing by Amy Wehn Blair
Saturdays in the
Sue Wayman*
Sue Skomrock
Terese Volkmann
Vicki Blair
Cindi Haycox Wellman
Grand Return of the
Ken Butler*
Brian Brockway
Nancy Bonnema*
Thom Bonnema
Marie Lovas*
Brian Brockway
Ken Butler*
Marie Lovas*
Tom Blair*
Curt Johnson
Mike Blair
Monique Hornsby
Amy Wehn Blair
Dave Kleve*
Beth Cupp
Amy Wehn Blair
Fall Walking/Drive
Holly Donovan
Amy Wehn Blair
Ken Butler*
Community Garden
Joyce Blair
Board member
Updated 1/9/2015
Member Lists
Sue Wayman*
Jacqueline Samuel
Tom Blair* – Co Ch
Curt Johnson – Co Ch
Gary Conkol
George Blair
Paul Emch
Mike Blair
Scott Adams
Economic Development
Brian Brockway
N. Dale Bartholomew
Jim Knapp
Lee Imhof
Matthew Wheelock
Marie Lovas*
Dave Kleve*
Linda Natco*
Terese Volkmann
Amy Wehn Blair
Donna Newsome*
Jim Prout
Marie Lovas*
Amy Wehn Blair
Summer Beautification
Ken Butler* – Co Ch
Jill (Bonner) – Co Ch
John Gander-Honorary Ch
Ellen Bonner
Don Hornak
Marilyn Hornak
Joyce Blair
Winter Decorations
Tom Blair*
Jerry Wayman – chair
Curt Johnson
Jim Knapp
Mike Blair